Accident at Work? Workplace injury lawyer can help!

Since Upton Sinclaire wrote “The Jungle”, the law on workplace injuries has evolved to protect workers, and compensate them for any injuries they sustain at work. Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) were created to monitor the working conditions and maintain a standard level of safety. Your employer is not only responsible for a safe work environment, but also must provide you with support if you are injured on the job. OSHA punishes companies that have dangerous working conditions. OSHA has very strict regulations. If you want to hold your employer responsible for any injuries that you have suffered, you should contact an attorney.

OSHA was founded in 1971 and has since helped reduce workplace deaths by over 60 percent, and occupational injuries and illnesses by 40 percent. Workers had to be self-sufficient in the past. Workers in dangerous industries weren’t paid for time taken off due to injuries, even if the injury occurred at work. The employees who worked in dangerous and difficult jobs, but who also took on additional risk to do so, were not necessarily compensated more. Workplace injury lawyer Brisbane It was therefore often marginalized people like recent immigrants that were forced to take risks every day to survive. Modern standards such as OSHA’s are aimed at making this kind of abuse history. However, workplace abuse and injuries still happen, especially if the victim is unaware of their rights. Contact a lawyer immediately if you were injured on the job because your employer did not provide adequate safety measures, or if you suffered a workplace accident and you were then laid off or denied payment for your recovery period.